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Explore some of our roadmap: what we're working on now and next.

Recently shipped

The most important features we’ve recently shipped. We ship many iterative improvements, but this section just focuses on the most notable new features.

Fractional US shares

A number of US stocks cost upward of a thousand dollars for a single share, and many cost hundreds. You can now buy fractions of US shares.

Adding new US stocks to the universe

We added 250 highly-requested new US stocks to your app.

Europe: launch of closed beta

The Freetrade app launched to its first customers in Ireland and the Netherlands.

Invest by Freetrade

The proprietary brokerage platform, Invest by Freetrade, allows us to execute trades much cheaper and faster than third-party solutions.
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Things we're working on

These are some of the key features the Freetrade team are working on currently. This isn’t an exhaustive list, we keep some surprises up our sleeves. 😀

Expanding the universe: More stocks & ETFs

Brand new stocks & ETFs drop in your app every week.

Making it easier to add money to your Freetrade account

With an upcoming iteration, top-ups will be even faster and simpler.

More order types

Setting a price, defining a number of whole shares, and more.

Freetrade Plus

Previously codenamed Alpha, this premium account will launch in summer 2020.

Up next: things we're exploring

Currently ‘in discovery’, meaning we’re gathering information to fully understand the challenge before we begin solving it. This isn’t an exhaustive list and is subject to change.

Free Share 2.0

Infinite links and more.

Introducing SIPPs

We're building an app for long-term investors, and the self-invested personal pensions will be an important part of that goal.

Euro-based accounts

As we expand into Europe, we'll build out Euro-based accounts.

Rolling out Freetrade to Europe

Our mission is to get everyone investing. We'll go from beta to full launch across more European countries.

Buying/selling fractions of non-US shares

Not only US stocks are expensive.

Making it easier to identify good and bad investments

Greater insight and tools to help you spot the good investment opportunities (and steer clear of the less good).

Greater insight into portfolio performance

Helping you build and maintain a balanced, diversified portfolio.

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